My name is Maria, a latina foodie and nutritionist.
As you may notice, food is my passion and I love creating delicious and nutrient dense recipes.
Here you'll find paleo, keto and vegan recipes to delight every picky tastebud...

These are just the perfect option for the delicious hummingbird cake recipe! Using coconut flour and simple ingredients, each muffin has only 4.9g net carbs! Topped with a nutty grain free granola and white chocolate!

Perfect summer snack, THE EASIEST ice cream recipe! Minimal and clean ingredients, low carb and high protein dessert idea, affordable what you'll love!

Super easy, and amazing tasting no bake, freezer fudge. With the ingredient taste and hormonal benefits of tahini and antioxidants from pitaya!

A simple no bake granola cup with all the nutrient dense foods! Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, easy to make only using your blender! Nutritional Information provided!

Picky eater approved recipe! Loaded with healthy fats and comfort! This dinner is a very easy dinner idea for two, for those who love a good Mexican keto recipe with that cheese on top!

These are the best biscottis ever, simple and clean! Made with coconut flour and with vanilla collagen for extra skin health, low calorie, low net carbs and delicious pair to your nut milk latte.

These are a bite of heaven! The perfect soft and creamy consistency. Plus these are no bake, freezer friendly, clean and simple ingredients!

This simple and delicious recipe is a great addition to your easy meal prep! Minimal and clean ingredients, low carb and keto friendly and affordable recipe! Kid friendly too!

The perfect easy summer snack idea, with a hint of comfort food! Using ricotta cheese and low carb buns for a delicious ket friendly version, impossible to resist!

Don't be fooled by the low carb part, these are still insanely delicious! Perfect for these spring and summer days, a delicious muffin base with mint chip ice cream..

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Easy Keto Sundae Popsicles (Gluten Free)

Strawberry Chocolate Crispy Cookie Dough (Air Fryer, Keto, Paleo)

Creamy Papaya Pies With Sunflower Seed Butter (Vegan, Keto)

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