My name is Maria, a latina foodie and nutritionist.
As you may notice, food is my passion and I love creating delicious and nutrient dense recipes.
Here you'll find paleo, keto and vegan recipes to delight every picky tastebud...

These are LEGIT THE BEST bars ever! A party in the mouth with all the flavors and textures in an easy keto, diabetic friendly recipe! Using my favorite keto cereal Magic Spoon.

Double chocolate is always fun. Specially when it comes to a delicious blender recipe! Quick and easy to make, freezer friendly, clean ingredients and nutrient dense!

April 28, 2020

These are the perfect snack or treat made with the most clean ingredients. Simple no bake recipe, low carb and keto friendly. Such a great way to build up the taste for matcha!

February 18, 2020

The easiest chocolate donuts you'll ever make and try! Just the best recipe to delight your tastebuds. Low Carb, gluten free, dairy free and all the flavor.

February 2, 2020

Taking this low carb cereal recipe to the next level! Such a major throwback to our childhood, these guys are a must try; easy and NO BAKE! Using Magic Spoon Low Carb cereal

September 25, 2019

This cookie skillet is truly a whole new level of deliciousness! Low Carb and Vegan plus all the amazing flavors and aromas from the Chai Spice! A must try!

A good one classic that will enchant your tastebuds with all three delicious flavors! No baking required, easy and perfect as an afternoon treat at any time! #lowcarb #protein #vegan #nobake #pies #dessert #proteinpowder

Curious about supplements and ways to increase your fitness performance? In this blogpost I'm sharing some of the science behind and my experience with some supplements and hacks #biohack #paleo #crossfit #vegan #Fitness

October 25, 2018

Vegan creamy pies, low carb, and with organic protein.

August 21, 2018


Hello everybody, coming at you with another delicious recipe that I hope you enjoy as much as I did! I usually prepare some baked goods or treats in Sunday to have throughout the week. These mini pies are packed with vegan protein and healthy fats, the recipe is not v...

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Creamy Papaya Pies With Sunflower Seed Butter (Vegan, Keto)

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie Loaf (Paleo & Keto)

Almond & Coconut Cream Muffins (Paleo, Low Carb)

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