My name is Maria, a latina foodie and nutritionist.
As you may notice, food is my passion and I love creating delicious and nutrient dense recipes.
Here you'll find paleo, keto and vegan recipes to delight every picky tastebud...

Taking this low carb cereal recipe to the next level! Such a major throwback to our childhood, these guys are a must try; easy and NO BAKE!

Finishing this 2019 with Purely Healthy Livings top recipes from the 2019! Check out from paleo, keto, whole 30 and vegan recipes that will still be a hit for the new year!

After years of posting content consistently, I took a forced break and this is what I realized. It was affecting my health, but also make me realize my passion.

This is my gift guide, designed by a foodie for my foodies out there! I include my favorites, different categories and gift ideas in every price range to make things easier and convenient for you!

Food has such a huge impact in our bodies, these bites are nourishing for our hormones since they provide essential nutrients in such a delicious way!

Stepping up with a classic seasonal recipe that will just blow you mind! These are vegan, low carb and of course, delicious! Using healthy ingredients.

A simple and delicious recipe coming at you with one of my most valuable tip to get sustainable fish products at any budget while taking care of your body too!

Familiar with circadian rhythms? Here you can take a quick peek on what they are and how blue lights are keeping you up at night! Also hacks for better sleep!

This cookie skillet is truly a whole new level of deliciousness! Low Carb and Vegan plus all the amazing flavors and aromas from the Chai Spice! A must try!

Ready for an easy and delicious, double layered freezer fudge? Loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants to delight your tastebuds in every bite!

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