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  • María Fernanda López

Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Protein Sticky Pudding

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Okay, this DIY protein bar recipe is just so good that I'm just drooling at the moment, can't wait to eat another slice of it. With all the peanut butter flavors and a fun touch of birthday cake vibes... PERFECTION! Plus by the look of these pictures you can se how soft, chewy and delicious it is!

For this recipe I’m using amazing and fun ingredients such as Nuzest vanilla pea protein (PURELYHL for discount), sugar cookie low carb cereal, and birthday cake peanut butter powder that takes the usual protein bar to another level. A deliciously fun low sugar and high protein recipe that everyone can prepare at home.

About these Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Protein Sticky Pudding:

We are showing some love to all my birthday and peanut butter fans, including myself... a delicious Christmas recipe that you are going to love! But with that I also wanted to include a twist, a healthy and still delicious twist by just adding some Nuzest vanilla pea protein (PURELYHL for discount).

This recipe is easy, quick and delicious.. also so fun! And you only need 6 ingredients!

Key Ingredients:

Adding healthy and colorful Nuzest vanilla pea protein (PURELYHL for discount), their protein is made with the simples ingredients and it's perfect to incorporate into healthy recipes you can make at home, to your smoothies, oats and of course, these DIY protein bars!

Peanut Butter and sugar cookie cereal... the dream team! These are simply perfect for meal prep, no need to bake anything at all to enjoy and attack that sweet tooth at any moment. Besides it's super easy to make!

The fun ingredients of these Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Protein Sticky Pudding:

Fun and healthier! Nuzest vanilla pea protein (PURELYHL for discount) such a game changer and it makes this recipe extra thick, satisfying and just so good. Along with a touch of peanut butter powder and the sugar cookie cereal... such a great recipe for you to try any time of the year,

This combination keep things chewy, flavorful and soft in every bite. Have you tried using adding protein to your desserts? This is a sign you need to try it!

Overall, these are the ingredients needed for these Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Protein Sticky Pudding:

  • Granulated Alullose (or Monk Fruit)

  • Nuzest vanilla pea protein (PURELYHL for discount)

  • Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Powder

  • Magic Spoon Sugar Cookie Cereal

  • Green Yogurt

  • Keto Friendly Vanilla Syrup

The perfect and simple ingredients for a delicious nourishing and protein pack DIY bar! As a foodie and nutritionist I believe that the quality of the ingredients can make the difference in our health and also make healthy food more sustainable.


You can shop all the ingredients in my Jupiter shop!


Highly delicious and high protein! And we are not including sugars, syrups and instead Nuzest vanilla pea protein (PURELYHL for discount), just a healthier lower in sugar ingredients in all this delicious thick and chewy protein crunch bar recipe. These are just LEGIT AND DELICIOUS.

The full instructions will be below along with the nutritional information per serving. This is just a super easy and flavorful recipe for you to enjoy and your body will love; source of protein, nutrients and flavor!

Overall this recipe is:

  • High Protein

  • Sugar Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Low Fat

  • Meal Prep Friendly

  • Delicious!

The end result

Soft and so chewy and crunchy! Besides, the texture of the sugar cookie cereal with the base of peanut butter powder with the Nuzest Protein powder, it's just the perfect snack to have in stock on your freezer and to enjoy at any time of the day.

Major win for Nuzest vanilla pea protein (PURELYHL for discount) because it made this recipe super chewy, flavorful and just like a little piece of heaven, obsessed with their protein in my dessert recipes! This is just the perfect post-workout snack, dessert or anytime snack!

You might want to save this recipe because a second recipe might be needed here! I shared some of the recipe with my friends but they were just too good as my afternoon snack after crossfit or dessert that I had to make some more.

Pro tip: Slice these and freeze them to have a healthy snack ready to enjoy!

This is a great recipe that your family or friends will love! Easy to prepare and elegant and fun no matter the occasion, this recipe is made to enjoy in the most effortless and most delicious way ever, I mean... only simple and minimal ingredients in a high protein, low sugar and delicious dessert or snack!

Sharing is caring!

Remember that sharing is caring so please spread the love by saving, sharing or bookmarking this recipe for later. To cook with your loved ones on one of your amazing brunches or friend gatherings!

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Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Protein Sticky Pudding

By María Fernanda López

Serves 9 servings


For the base

  • 1 cup of Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Powder

  • 1/3 cup of granulated alullose (or monk fruit)

  • 1 1/2 cup of Nuzest vanilla pea protein (PURELYHL for discount)

  • 1/2 cup of RxSugar Vanilla Keto Syrup

  • 1 1/2 cup of crushed Magic Spoon Sugar Cookie Cereal


  • 1 1/4 cup of vanilla sugar-free greek yogurt