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Paleo Buñuelos

December 19, 2017

I wanted to share one Mexican recipe that is very common during the holidays, buñuelos. These are basically fried tortilla with sugar con top, and two things come up to mind: not healthy at all, how can people eat them?! haha!


My grandma makes about 1 kg of buñuelos when all the family is visiting and honestly I was never a fan, the flavor, the texture.. just not for me since I have memory. This year with all the options out there and the knowledge I gathered I decided to try to make my own! Paleo, Low carb and better taste version (sorry Grandma!).


Buñuelos can be eaten alone, some people skip the sugar and use them as a tostada. Basically they are sweet tostadas and the preparation is super easy!




INGREDIENTS (serves 4)


- 4 almond flour tortillas (I used these ones)

- 2 tsp of vanilla ghee (or any type of ghee you have, also can be substituted by coconut oil)

- Monk Fruit as a sweetener and topping (I used this one)

- Optional: dark chocolate (I used Eating Evolved "mariatmt" for free gift!)




In a skillet put 1 tsp of ghee and make sure it covers the skillet and add 1 flour tortilla, turn it upside down until both sides of the tortilla have a golden color. Repeat for the rest tortillas and ghee.


Top it with monk fruit and dark chocolate.


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