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Spicy Baked Tilapia (Meal Prep Friendly)

Great! At this moment I'm listening to Thirty Seconds To Mars new album and I their work has always been something I respect, you know something else I respect? Meal preppers! Shout out to all you people who do an incredible meal prep for the week to take care of your body. That something that really love about people, loving their body from their inside out. 


I don't do big meal preps, usually I just do lunch. Basics: veggies + protein.




Normally when we think about meal prep usually people think about rice, broccoli, plain chicken breast. BUUH! Boring! (Well, only if you don't spice up things a little bit more). If you can tell from my Instagram posts I'm a huge fan of quick, tasty, wholesome foods and most importantly, dishes that won't require washing more many dishes.


I call this Meal Prep Friendly dish because it's great to cook on a batch, also meaning that is great for gatherings, meal prep or any other week of the day. Did I meantioned that this is also a one dish meal?! WINNING! 


Okay, enough of introduction. Now recipe!






- 4 Tilapia fillets

- 1 Tbsp of hot sauce (I used Melinda's Pepper Sauces Hot Pepper)

- 1/4 cup of chopped fresh cilantro

- 3 limes

- Himalayan salt or sea salt

- Pepper




1. Preheat the oven in roast at 350F.


2. In a baking tray put parchment paper and lay the fillets separately. Add sea salt and pepper to taste. Evenly add the hot sauce in each fillet and with a brush spread it through all the fish.


3. Cut two limes in half and use one side to squeeze the juice in each portion of fish.


4. Cut the other lime in fine slices. Add the cilantro and the sliced lime.


5. Bake or roast for 24 minutes.


Enjoy, or let it cool before putting in a crystal tupperware in the fridge.

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