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Nutty Gingerbread Pies (Ninja Giveaway!)

December 26, 2018

Holiday season is here and I'm so happy about it, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time and now down to the next...New Year! But I'm still all about the holiday spices because it would be a shame if I didn't share this amazing recipe with you.


So this season I teamed up with Glean and Ninja Kitchen to create an incredible recipe using their products. I have been using Glean flours for quite some time now and I couldn't be happier about this collaboration! If you haven't heard about them you must check them out. They are incredibly sweet people with incredible gluten free flours based in whole foods.




- Sweet potato flour

- Pumpkin flour

- Cauliflower flour

- Beet flour

- Fetchables for your puppy.


And for the Ninja we used the Ninja® Smart Screen™ Kitchen System with FreshVac™ Technology and let me tell you... it's actually game changer! It's my new kitchen favorite! It's so modern, elegant and I love the new features to keep things fresher and to make foods last longer due the Fresh Vac!



In this recipe I used the food processor but I have been loving everything about it, definitely the perfect Christmas present! So this recipe is absolutely delicious, the full recipe is on their website! So make sure to go there and vote for a chance to win a $400 value prize! I would be so happy if you voted for me!




You can vote everyday till January 14th! Give yourself the chance to win this incredible prize! And I really hope you enjoy this recipe!






Use: PURELYHL; for 25% off of Glean products and PURELYHEALTHY for 15% off in Ninja Kitchen products!


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