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Food Favorites: Keto, Low Carb, Paleo.

Since this is a food blog I thought I might share more food content besides recipes and if you are like me, then you like a good product review and to buy a valuable product. Keep reading this post to check some of my recommendations of some products that I love and use.

I have to say that I don't like labeling my diet, I just do whatever works for my body and makes me feel like I can conquer the day. I encourage you to do the same! Test your body with proper food, not just zombie food.

That being said I always watch for ingredients, the simpler the better. And taste is a must in every product I buy and recommend, even though I said that I don't label my diet I feel like the low carb, paleo approach it has been the best in my personal experience. Here you'll find some of those products that fit my lifestyle and they taste amazing!

In this post you'll find from baked goods, kitchen staples, supplements and sweet treats! Can't wait to share them. I will share some of the discount codes I have to offer you too, and please be sure that I won't share a product I wouldn't buy or recommend.


This is my holy grail for every single baked good or sweet recipe I create. This is a natural sugar that doesn't cause any glucose spikes, it's keto friendly and diabetic friendly. You can use the code PURELYHL for a discount on any of their products.

This protein besides being vegan, having a great list of ingredient and having a great taste is also perfect ingredient to create some delicious recipes. If you don't believe me try some of my recipes:

This is also a low carb protein that also contains the essential amino-acids that our bodies require, so if you are following a vegan diet try this protein! I promise you that it taste HEAVENLY.

This has been a GAME CHANGER in my life (for real). Speaking as a girl who grew up eating all the cereal, this version has been a dream come true! And if you had a similar childhood, these are going to rock your world, the taste is amazing and they have a great variety of flavors. Use PURELYHL for discount and enjoy your throwback!

- Keto friendly

- Gluten free

- Grain Free

- Nothing artificial

I don't know how it's possible to make muffns this fluffy, these are UNREAL. These have also simple ingredients, they are gluten free, keto-friendly and high in fiber. It's hard to decide which of their product is my favorite but I HIGHLY recommend their chocolate chip muf'ns, their banana nut muf'ns and their buns. purely_healthy_living for free shipping!

These are a whole new level guys! The flavor is delicious, they have an amazing variety of flavors, from chocolate chip cookie dough to blueberry muffin... you need to try these! You won't be disappointed by the ingredients and epic taste. Use code: purelyhealthyliving for discount, free shipping in all orders over 50dlls.

Reasons why I love them:

- No IMO or Chicory Root (they don't make me feel bloated)

- No artificial sugars and ingredients

- Low carb

- Keto

- Paleo

- Perfect keto ratios

- Taste and variety

These pizza crusts are my absolute favorite! They taste great and every bite is just a little piece of heaven. YOU NEED TO TRY THEM! From their plant based line to their new pizzas, I'm won't be lying when I say that these are a whole new level. I'm obsessed, that's all I have to say... exceptionally delicious and for your surpirse and mine you can get a discount code when you use HEALTHYLIVING10 for discount.

These are also a good snack for all my paleo and keto friends out there. I would highly recommend you trying their cracklins... they are SO GOOD and crunchy!

These are my current favorites, they rotate as I try and discover new products, but these are all worth the hype... for real! Send me a message telling me some of your favorites! I love trying new products and if you likes this post please let me know so I can keep creating them!

Have an awesome day everyone!

With love,


This post contains affiliate links.

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