• Maria Fernanda López

Heavenly Sunflower Sweet Potato Bars

So yesterday I took all the day off of working, no school work or blog stuff. I wasn't feeling any pressure to do something and honestly I was feeling like just resting while watching Netflix, anyone else? In the end, life is to short not to do what we want to, and if I don't have a deadline or I'm feeling it I won't do it. As easy as that.

But today is a whole new day, I was feeling energetic and productive so I wrote down a couple school reports and now this blogpost because even though I already posted this on my Instagram I cannot was to share this recipe on here! It's honestly so good! Nailed it!

Another good thing about this recipe is that you can freeze them and have them available ay any time! If you are busy and love snacks, this is great!



Preheat the oven at 350F. Mix the sun flower, ghee, eggs and cacao butter in a bowl. Then add the rest of the ingredients. Bake for 25 minutes.

Nutritional Information (per serving) 101 kcal

Fat: 8.6g

Carbs: 6.1g

Fiber: 2.3g

Protein: 1.7g

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