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  • Maria Fernanda López

Pili Nut Butter Cake Frosting

My dad is my inspiration every single day, I see a lot of me in him. We are both optimistic, passionate, chilled, positive and active. We both love very similar things and every since a little girl I have always looked up for him. On fathers day I wanted to make something extra special, just a tiny gesture of all the love I have for him and for all the things that we has giving me throughout my whole life.

He probably eats way different than me but I respect that as he respects me, so on Fathers Day I wanted to make him something super tasty but still healthy. I baked him a paleo chocolate cake and for frosting I didn't know what to add! I didn't had any full fat coconut milk on hand and I didn't wanted something packed with sugar.

My first thought was, "what about a creamy type of nut butter?!" Just like coconut butter pili nut butter gets hard so it was perfect! The recipe is super simple, packed with minerals such as manganese and copper, plus this is my favorite nut butter ever!

I use Eat Pili Nuts by Pili Hunters and I actually have a discount code for you (PURELYHL)! Definitely worth the try because their are super tasty! Now, the recipe!


- 3 cups of pili nuts

- 1 cup of shredded coconut

- 2 Tbsp of raw honey


Process all the ingredients until you get a nice consistency, it should be smooth.

Add it on top of muffins, eat it by the spoonful or spread in on your toast.

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