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  • Maria Fernanda López

KETO Cookie Bites (Vegan, Low Carb)

Where are my cookie lovers at? Or my cookie monsters?! Fun fact, my parents used to call me Cookie Monster for obvious reasons... But the story goes back to my childhood where 98% of my life and energy depended on cookies, no joke! Funny how things change, that little part of me remains inside, just upgraded. Now my nike name is Avocado/Veggie Monster and I'm not even mad about this!

Way back, when I was 6 years old I cookies were inoffensive, WHICH IS TRUE! Now we know that sugar is causing us health problems that are increasing throughout the years nonstop and also addiction by messing with our receptors in our brain.

Good thing that nowadays we've got great options, low carb and not only that but with ingredients that doesn't cause a damage as sugar does, YEY! These Bhu Foods cookies are definitely one of my favorites, an old favorite that never fails my tastebuds and they satisfy my body.

These cookies are GMO free, soy, egg, gluten and dairy free so these are perfect for my vegan friends out there or sensitive to any of those ingredients, plus these are low carb. The sweetener used in those bad boys is monk fruit and stevia and if you know me already you know that those two are my favorites since they are from natural sources.

So I think Bhu Foods cookies are the main ingredient of these bites, but I wanted to make them even lower on carbs by using vegan protein powder instead of using any other flour, that's my trick to make things lower carb and don't get me wrong! I'm better not the carb police or I avoid them but it works for my body! I still enjoy and do not restrict them in my diet...

Always work in favor of your body, because in the end it will pay back all of those little changes. Find what works for you and test different foods by having a food diary to find whatever makes you feel better and what doesn't and to target certain deficiencies.

So are you ready for this super yummy and easy recipe?! WARNING: You won't be wanting to share any of if!


KETO Cookie Dough Bites

By María Fernanda López

INGREDIENTS (12 servings)

- 3/4 cup of organic vegan protein powder

(Or 3/4 cup of coconut flour)

- 3/4 cup of water or almond milk

- 1/4 cup of monk fruit

- 1 tsp of cinnamon


1. Mix the protein powder, cinnamon, water and monk fruit in a bowl. Add as much liquid to get a nice paste.

2. Chop the cookies into 4 to 6 pieces and add them to the mix from step 1.

3. Stir carefully and pour in 12 muffin silicone cups.

4. Freeze for 3-4 hours.



Nutrition Facts (per serving) 92 kcal

Fat: 6.3g

Carbs: 6.8g

Fiber: 3.6g

Protein: 6.1g

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