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  • Maria Fernanda López

Chocolate Mint Tea Muffins (Paleo & Keto)

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful week and start of the month! This month is a pretty good month; my last semester of university started last week and my mom's birthday is coming up! She has a sweet tooth but she is also into healthy baked good versions, she is my biggest fan, so the other day I wanted to take a step up to the tea game...

Have you tried baking with teas? In this recipe I used some of Tipson Matcha Mint Tea, and they are also kindly sponsoring this post and recipe with some of their innovative teas, for real. I haven't seen teas with so many good ingredients! I like how they offer teas made from matcha, turmeric and ginger with other flavors such as mint, peach, lemon, etc.

Teas have always been part of my routine personally. And if I'm being honest, there was a time that I had a MASSIVE tea collection in my house, so you can get the idea that I'm very into teas. They are just so cozy, and for summer I've been enjoying the Ginger Lemon made using a cold brew method.

But in this recipe I decided to add a little extra flavor to these amazing muffins by using water infused with the Matcha Mint Tea, and besides taste teas can add a little extra of antioxidants, plus the raw cacao from the recipe.

Probably the easiest muffin recipe EVER. The list of ingredients it's pretty basic and they are ready in a total of 30 minutes! Would find that this recipe is:

- Paleo Friendly

- Low Carb

- Lactose Free

- Grain Free

Once they are ready to eat, you can store them in the freezer for a couple of weeks and you can also air fry them or toast them in a mini oven! Probably add some toppings, but plain are just perfect aside a nut milk latte! How good does it sounds?

Ready for this simple recipe? Preheat your oven!


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Chocolate Mint Tea Muffins

By Maria Fernanda Lopez

Serves 12


- 1 cup of coconut flour

- 1 Tbsp of raw cacao powder

- 1/2 cup of granulated monk fruit

- 1 tsp of baking powder

- 3/4 cup of water infused with Tipson Matcha Mint Tea

- 1/4 cup of nut butter of your choice

- 4 eggs


1. Preheat the oven at 350F.

2. In a bowl mix the dry ingredients.

3. Add your nut butter, mix and add the eggs.

4. Finally add the water with the tea and mix well.

5. Divide the mix in twelve silicone muffin cups and bake for 20 minutes.

6. Let them cool. ENJOY!


Nutritional Information (per serving) 96 kcal

Fat: 6g

Carbs: 6.4g

Fiber: 4.1g

Protein: 4.1g

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