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Coconut Swirly Chocolate Cups (Vegan, Keto)

I know that I usually post no-bake recipes in here, I do love them and find them very convenient. For example this week my oven stopped working out of the nowhere! Also, I ran out of snacks so I needed to create something and stock on my freezer stash. And if I'm being honest I wanted to bake a loaf, so these happened instead and I'm not even mad, they were DELICIOUS.

For this recipe I used two mixes, a double chocolate one a coconut one. You all know that I'm coconuts for coconut everything! In this recipe we are going to use coconut flour to add that volume and will also be the base of the recipe.

For the second layer I'm using plant based Nuzest Chocolate protein powder, a game changer for those low carb treats! Oh I that's right, these treats are:

- Vegan

- Low Carb

- Keto Friendly

- Gluten Free

These need to be stored in the freezer, but once you take your serving out for a couple of minutes you'll find them to have a creamy and ice cream like consistency! With no dairy! That's the beauty of the coconut flour and the rest of the ingredients I'm using.

In the chocolate layer I'm using Nuzest Chocolate Plant Based Protein Powder, as I mentioned before but also we are using a source of healthy fats: pili nut butter. Pili nut butter, like coconut oil and coconut butter they get solid the temperature is cold or they get melty when we heat them. If you don't have pili nut butter feel free to use coconut butter!

Also, as a sweetener you all know it, Granulated Monk Fruit From Lakanto is my staple on every recipe! You can use the code PURELYHL for discount on all their low carb and keto friendly products.

Now, let's get started on this recipe! You'll only need two mixing bowls, and some measuring cups.


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Coconut Swirly Chocolate Cups

By Maria Fernanda Lopez

Serves 12


- 1 cup of coconut flour

- 1/3 cup of granulated monk fruit (PURELYHL for discount)

- 1 1/2 cup of nut milk or water

Center Part

- 1 cup of Nuzest Plant Based Chocolate Protein Powder (PURELYHL for discount)

- 4oz. of coconut butter or chocolate pili nut

- 1 cup of warm nut milk or water

- 3 Tbsp of cacao nibs


1. In a bowl mix all the ingredients from the coconut layer.

2. Pour that mix into twelve siliocone muffin cups.

3. In another bowl add and mix all the rest of the ingredients, except for the cacao nibs.

4. Make sure to have the pili nut butter or coconut butter soft and melted.

5. With a spoon add part of the mix in the center of each muffin cup with the coconut mix.

6. With a toothpick make a swirl on each cup, top with cacao nibs.

7. Freeze for a couple of hours and enjoy!


Nutritional Information (per serving 159 kcal)

Fat: 9.4g

Carbs: 9.6g

Fiber: 5.6g

Protein: 8.6g

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