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Holiday Gift Guide 2020!

What a year! I think we all can agree that this was definitely a very special, crazy and insane year. I still can believe that this year is coming to an end... not this quick! Even being stuck at home and putting life at pause a little bit this year has gone so fast.

Now the holidays are here and this year calls to show that extra love and support to those who made this year better. Those who stuck with us at the rough moments, who made us laugh and gave us that support no matter the distance.

This is my holiday gift guide for this year! I made sure to include different price ranges and different personalities. As a person who struggles giving "THE PERFECT" gift, take note. There's no grater gift than giving our support, attention and affection to that person. But of course, a little gift along the way doesn't do harm.

Shall we begin? This blogpost will be helpful for EVERY public!


Jewelry. Never fails, plus you can support a small business!

I personally think that a nice piece of jewelry doesn't have to be extra expensive, also that it never fails with a girl. This store offers a lot of beautiful pieces that will be hard to fail... calling all brothers and boy friends!

Here's you'll find the perfect gift for all the women in your life as well any style; necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets... I'm personally obsessed with all the pieces!


A REALLY GOOD kitchen knife!

I have been obsessed with my Nakano knife, and got my dad hooked too! Every good cook deserves and needs a professional knife in their life! You can also get a discount using the code: PHL

Use the link below to get:

  • FREE e-book worth USD 11.95

  • Access to a voucher worth USD 14

  • Use code “PHL” for 10% discount!



An essential oil diffuser!

This is a great gift for anyone, absolute anyone! It's one of those things that you fall in love with once you get one. Even dads, for real. My dad comes tired from work and setting a diffuser with a calming essential oil (maybe lavender or orange oil) does the trick to start relaxing after a hard day.

This is great for a teen, a medical doctor (my sister has one and she loves it too!). A great way to make your home smell nice and to give yourself some extra self care with a relaxing aromatherapy.

You can find these at Amazon in whole different price ranges, my pro tip is to get one that has a lights on it... that also helps to relax!


A good cookbook!

This is a great gift idea for any foodie, baking enthusiast or someone who is trying to keep a healthy life style without eating boring meals. They are so inspiring and a great way to spread the love via food!

Maybe you went on a trip, think Mexico and Italy! Or maybe you went to a restaurant you liked... giving a cookbook about the food that you liked could be a great way to bring back those memories an create some more at home!

You can also give my Paleo Ebook a try! Only for 5 dlls, over 50 Mexican traditional recipes... all paleo and with vegan and keto options too!


An agenda or a journal!

I know that this is the XXI century and that we have everything digitalized, that Siri, Alexa or Google can reminds us anything! But there's something so therapeutic about writing things down. I love that part of my day, crossing off things that I wanted to do.

I also write down the memories, the highlights of the months, stepping stones and things I want to improve. Honestly, that's a great gift for someone who wants to live more intentionally, practice mindfulness or loves writing!

I'm ordering this one.


An Air Fryer

I promise that this is a great gift!I got one for myself last October (I know, not for Christmas), but I use my air fryer like 6 days a week and I cook EVERYTHING; veggies, proteins, beaked goods, reheat waffles.

It's a game changer and if the person that you love is trying to stay healthy or be healthier this is a great way to have extra fun meals without all the excess oils or damaged oils. It's also great for meal preps and to prepare kid meals... even comfort foods.

The one I have is one I got at Amazon, this one.


Free gifts

These are some other gift ideas that doesn't cost you anything:

  • A phone call to check in on they are doing.

  • A homed cooked meal or dinner.

  • Quality time; go for a hike, watch a movie together, build a fort, camp in the patio!

  • A massage or a dance party.

  • A romantic walk.

  • A playlist that reminds you of them.

  • A spa day using masks and products that you already have.

So as you can see, there's no need to complicate ourselves with insane gifts, from a beautiful piece of jewelry to a spa day, you can make this Christmas a special memory. Hope my simple gift guide was somehow useful!

Wishing you a warm holiday season everyone! With love,


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