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  • Maria Fernanda López

Ice Age Meals For The Rescue! Review.

Hello everyone! Hope your week is going great. Today I wanted to share a different type of blogpost, since my page and my wellness motto is all about keeping things simple and convenient. We shouldn't be complicating ourselves when it comes to health and wellness.

And speaking from a busy nutrition student in her last semester and blogger I know that time can be limited and, sometimes I don't have the time to cook for myself or the help from a relative to cook for me.

One of my favorite parts of being updated with the health community, specially the foodie community is that I get to know about new systems and cool companies that make our lives convenient in this world with an obesogenic environment. This term basically means that our surrounding encourage us to eat unhealthy and the be sedentary!

I think that we are slowly transitioning and acknowledging that food has a huge impact in our health.

- Mentally

- Physically

- Chemically

Also, food has a genetic impact! Foods contain amino acids, and our DNA is made from amino acids. Unhealthy, highly processed foods are usually made with the cheapest ingredients and with very funky ones to trick our brains to want more of those foods.

My approach to my clients to for myself is to stick to real foods, and mostly, eat like our ancestries used to eat. And ever since I changed my diet into the Paleo approach I have noticed a huge impact in my digestive system, hunger levels (I don't get hangry), I rarely get sick and I recover faster.

Those are little things that I can notice, but imagine the impact at the level of our itty bitty tiny cells! That's the exciting part of nutrition.

And as I said before, I believe that healthy eating it not complicated! Even in a busy schedule like mine. Take for example this Ice Age Meals, a food delivery company that I recently tried.

- Gluten Free

- Soy Free

- Nut Free

- Dairy Free

- Preservative Free Ingredients

HEALTH IS AN INVESTMENT and it can also be delicious, not to mention the convenience of getting your meals delivered to your home. My favorites:

- Chipotle Chicken Tinga

- Butternut Squash Lasagna

- Fajita Pie

- Pork Carnitas in Salsa Roja

- Deep Dish Breakfast Pizza

- Smoked Brisket with Organic Purple Sweet Potato

- Chorizo and Eggs

They are all so fueling and the macro nutrients of each meal is so balance. One of the bets parts of it is that you can easily freeze them and reheat them. So if you are traveling, busy with school or you just like to have a good back up in the freezer, Ice Age Meals is a great option.

It's hard to pick just one favorite, since all of them are so delicious... even my picky family agreed! They are so tasty.

Recommendation, personally... 10/10, and all of the ingredients are ingredients you can pronounce! They all based on whole foods WIN WIN.

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