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Easy Mother's Day Guide: Recipes, Ideas & Gifts

But what a year! It has been crazy from the starting of the year and now I feel like everything has been going to fast, anyone else feels the same way?

It seems like out of the bloom Cinco de Mayo was here, in a Taco Tuesday and this same week Mother's Day! Feels like we are just getting over that Mexican spirit to set the mood with all the flowers and sweets for Mom. Although, I bet that margaritas are also a drink that also could fit into Mother's Day.

Anyways. Mom has been working EXTRA hard this year with maybe kids in the house, cleaning extra mess since everyone is at home, the mom job is endless, let's face it and I have to be honest with you, we don't give her that much credit for all the craziness they can handle.

And for that I decided to create an Easy Guide to Treat Mom this Mothers Day! Let me show you a daily schedule and some of the top things moms want this year.

Mom's top picks:

- Silence and peace

- No cleaning

- Alone time

- Pamper

- Self-Care time

That being said let's start with some gift ideas!


Self-Care and Beauty Gifts

Spa day: Let her have some time to relax and have some time of silence, just to meditate and not to think about the messy kitchen down stairs.

What about some CBD? Since mom is constantly thinking about keeping everything together she might find useful some CBD, this is the brand the I use: Bloom Farms.

  • Full-Spectrum

  • 600mg is my favorite one

  • Solvent-free

  • Organic

  • Great for for daily wellness, restful sleep, relaxation

A good Skin Care Line! Personally I love a good non-toxic line product so my top pick is ARAZA beauty since all the ingredients are paleo friendly, they don't use any artificial fragances, parabens.

My top picks:

  • Coconut Cream All-In-One: My personal favorite full coverage make up and honestly, not going back! This is the best face make-up ever.

  • Citrus Illuminating Raw Beauty Oil: This oil has been part of my skin care routine because it really makes my skin feel so refreshed. This one has green tea, orange, sea buckthorn, and jojoba oil.

  • Coconut Charcoal Sea-Greens Mask Treatment: This is a great part of my wellness routine, to give my skin that extra help to detox for a more radiant and clear complexion.


Foodie Mom Gift Ideas

This one goes for all the foodie moms! I know that someday I will be one of those, so here are some ideas for you to give.

  • Air Fryer

  • I use mine on repeat!

  • Cookbooks

  • Buck Naked Kitchen

  • the Defined Dish

  • Whole 30 Friends & Family

  • French Press

  • ​Goes beyond coffees! You can make teas too!

  • My mom personally loves these ones, and I do too! They are part of our daily lifestyle. All of them are vegan, organic and high quality.

  • We even got my grandma hooked because their complete protein has all the essentials for her! MCT, zinc, biotin, vitamin A, protein!


Low calorie, sweet treats!

Because we all love a good snack that doesn't have funky ingredients, these are my selection of healthier version of comfort foods! That I'm sure every mom would appreciate.

Check out my Heka Good Foods Brownie Recipe here!


Easy Recipes!

Okay, we came to the part of the blogpost where I share some FAIL-PROOF recipes! From vegan dishes, to paleo and keto, you are going to hit the spot no matter what!

Savory Dishes

This is a no brainer! One skillet, easy recipe, no mess and those sun dried tomatoes with bacon really does the difference from a super basic recipe to a super basic but fancy recipe.

If you want to make something fancy, salmon is always my top pick! This is a whole 30 dinner with Keta Salmon over some cauliflower sauce, paleolishly delicious!

For those Mexican food lovers, this is never fails and it always hits the spot! A crispy layer of shrimps over some zucchini topped with cheese. Definitely will surprise mom

This is a great comforting meal, another MESS FREE recipe and one skillet recipe. Definitely hits the spot in every level, specially for that Italian food craving... paleo and Whole 30, come on! This is a good one, trust me.

The perfect way to incorporate some veggies! Have you tried roasting cauliflower in slices? It looks so gourmet and yet so easy to make! This is all vegan and keto friendly.



Here are some of my fail-proof but tastebud pleaser desserts! Just to add that extra sweetness to her day without all the sugar rush, all of these are low carb and gluten free. All nutritional information is provided below the recipe.

These are a great combination of both worlds: cookie dough and cheesecake! The filling is a simple combination of ricotta cheese and granulated monk fruit over a delicious low carb cookie base!

These are just a no brainer! Blender recipes, are equally of a MESS FREE recipe, this is hard to fail, no cooking skills required.

This is a grain free and gluten free crust, and on top is a delicious creamy filling of greek yogurt with a hint of lime juice and keto caramel from Lakanto.

These are one of my favorite muffins! Low carb, and with some greek yogurt into the mix for extra moist. These are like little pound cakes that can also be great for that afternoon treat.

So as you can see, I tried to keep things very simple and pretty basic. Don't over complicate yourself, we all always down for nourishing things to the soul and body. These are some of my favorite products that are good for our bodies and that they taste delicious.

All of the recipes are extremely easy to make as well! Make this day special without the need of leaving your home!


This post contains affiliate links.

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