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  • Maria Fernanda López

The Best Keto Cookies N' Creme Pies (Vegan, Gluten Free & Keto)

Hello everyone! Hope you are doing well, because I'm extremely excited about this recipe that I am about to share with you guys, you are definitely will want to save, pin or bookmark for later because things are about to get lit!

This is such a major comfort food for me, and you may be asking how is this a comfort food. Well, a comfort food is a meal or a dish that brings back a feeling, a memory and in this case is a major throwback to my childhood. Since I was a huge fan of cookie sandwiches, cookies and creme cheesecakes, and cookies n' creme bites!

It probably one of my favorite food combos when it comes to sweet recipes and the thing is, the most exciting part is that these are KETO! YES! Each pie has only 5.1 grams of net carbs, 10.2 grams of total carbs and 5.1 grams of fiber.

This happened thanks to the guys at Catalina Crunch who came out with these paleo, vegan and keto friendly cookie sandwiches. Use code: (HLTHY.LVNG_10 for discount)

The base of this pie is a delicious is vegan made by just two ingredients: nut butter and coconut flour. And the filling is made by ricotta cheese but if fully vegan you can totally use vegan ricotta cheese.

This is the beauty of nutrition nowadays, there's an option for everyone! Because I believe that every lifestyle either is vegan, keto, paleo or gluten free they all have an important roll when it comes on treating a specific health condition.

This is nutritional therapy, food as a tool to treat our bodies. Prevent conditions and even reduce the symptoms.

These can be adjusted to vegan if you only make the switch to vegan ricotta cheese. But overall, these are:

- Gluten Free

- Low Carb

- Keto

This is all without sacrificing any yumminess, because, I'm telling you, you won't be wanting to share any of these. All twelve were for me, and I just shushed about their existence.

If anybody ask you about these, just tell them that they were a fail, this way you won't will not need to share... wink wink!

As for the sweetener, you know me, I use monk fruit, all the way! It's my staple for any sweet recipe because is not inflammatory as sugars, or syrups are. It's made from natural food sources, doesn't have an after taste and it the substitution is a ratio of 1:1 of sugar.

The brand that I use is Lakanto, and I also use on repeat their peanut butter flour, coffee syrups on my smoothies and their pancake mix!

Seriously, save these for later. They are incredible and of course, they are way healthier than the regular cookies and creme cheesecakes that contains all the sugars, processed milks. Instead we are using better for your health ingredients. All gluten free, no sugars, no oils. These are considered to be the most inflammatory ingredients.

When it comes to dairy always try to choose organic pastured raised just to avoid low quality milk. You want to get the benefits from milk at it's finest because we want the best for our bodies, we want the vitamin D, those omega-3's and calcium.

If you can't handle ricotta cheese or any dairy try using vegan ricotta cheese made from cashews or nuts. I don't recommend using tofu based products since they are mostly genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides.

Okay, so back to the recipe, shall we? This recipe is super easy to make, you'll be surprise and it is perfect to make together with your family!

This is a fail-proof recipe and freezer friendly. Actually I suggest you 100% to store these bite-sized pies on the freezer because they do really are soft and the filling will not get to that consistency we want if we put them in the freezer.

This is what you'll need for this recipe:

- Oven

- One mixing bowl

- Muffin mold of 12

- Measuring cup

- Mixing spoon

- Manual Blender or Blender

Now, we are all set to get started! Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did! With all the love, Maria.



The Best Keto Cookies N' Creme Pies

By María Fernanda López

Serves 12



  • 1/2 cup of coconut flour

  • 1/2 tsp of baking powder

  • 1/2 tsp of cream of tartar

  • 1/4 tsp of cinnamon

  • 1/2 cup of any nut butter

  • 2 tbsp of water



  1. Preheat the oven at 350F.

  2. Prepare the dough for the base. Mix dry ingredients and then add the liquid.

  3. Mix well until you get a cookie dough consistency, you may need to add a splash of water.

  4. Press evenly the dough into twelve silicone muffin cups and bake for 12-15 minutes.

  5. Meanwhile the base is baking, prepare the filling.

  6. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, optional, use a manual blender to get rid of any lumps.

  7. Once the base is baked and cooled, fill each muffin cup with about 1/4 cup of ricotta cheese mixture.

  8. Separate the cookies from the creme filling. Chop the cookies and top each muffin cup, and add the creme as well.

  9. Freeze for a couple of hours and enjoy!


Nutritional Information (per serving 158 kcal)

Fat: 11g

Carbs: 10.2g

Fiber: 5.1g

Net Carbs: 5.1g

Protein: 8.2g


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