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  • Maria Fernanda López

Little Changes, Big Difference

Hi there, it's me again! On todays blog post I want to talk about some little changes that I have been adding to my routine and they had make a huge difference.. Adding little things to your routine can help you feel better and they actually do a great thing for you body. Being healthy is not only in the outside, but in the inside you. You have to know that our mood and the way to see the world does make a huge impact on ourselves and the people around us.

Drink a glass with lemon before your first meal of the day: This makes your body prepare for food, it's not a detox but it just promotes a better digestion. Plus it tastes great and you get some vitamins from it, so why not adding this?

Be Grateful and have Trust: Be thankful for another opportunity, a fresh morning, a bed, a good night sleep and prepare yourself for the day. Have trust that you will learn something new, and be exited for the future, everything happens for a reason. Also it's hard to be on a bad mood when you realize how lucky you are.

Tell someone you love them: Spread some chear just by smiling at someone or sending them a message with the words "I Love You", people will never have enough of this little actions.

Lower you sugar intake: reducing or cutting your sugar intake helps your body avoid any cravings, have stable sugar levels throughout the day and helps your brain stay focused, and all the other benefits that reducing sugar has like prevent some diseases.

Foam Roll: Even if you are not a very sporty person you might spend some hours sitting or maybe your neck hurts for being on Instagram (this happens to me all the time), foam rolling has helped my muscles relax, give them a stretch and reduce the tension after a workout. You can add this on your evenings before sleep and after a workout.

Have something you like: I know for sure I am always looking forward to have an avocado with sauerkraurt as a snack everyday, and other snacks I like such as plain greek yogurt with a nut butter. It sounds lame but having this snacks always make my day better, I love them!

Have a relaxing bath and treat your skin: Taking a bath before bed it is such a great unwind, relax your muscles, smell good and feel fresh. I love feeling clean after a long day, first I turn on the hot water to relax my muscles and in the end I turn it all to cold water, which bring me to the next point.

Turn you water into cold in the shower: This not also feels incredible after, but this helps your body get rid of old cells (I learned that from listening to Bulletproof Radio), helps on your bodies pH, promote brown fat, which is the good one. Plus helps burn some of the bad fat cells by thermogenesis, lowers cholesterol and tryglicerid levels.

Stretch before going to bed: Again, helps your body reduce the tension and also for a better digestion if you are the ones that eat dinner before bed.

Be grateful, Again: Go through your day and give thanks weather it was a "bad" one or a good one, remember that we learn from everymistake, and appreciate all the good things that happened like getting home safe, food, health, family, friends, a house, love, teachers, energy, having a car, etc. There a lot of things to be grateful for!

Sleep in a super dark room: This is also another thing I learned from Bulletproof Radio! You definitely will have a much better sleep.

This are some things I apply to every day and they have really helped me a lot, hope you can try any of this and trust me.. helps a lot in a physical and mental matter.

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