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  • Maria Fernanda López

How toxics and our bodies work.

So this summer I took toxicology class to get ahead on my classes and to graduate sooner. And if I'm being honest tt was the best decision I made this summer, the professor was updated and had a huge energy to be teach us the best things out there. It wasn't the typical class where he just talked for hours and hours, he made us do our research to share it with the class at the next day and make our own decision or see all different points of view, so we learn A TON

I know we are seeing a ton of toxic free products, and we want to live toxic free. So I want to share the basics, or just the stuff you have to consider before you freak out and make a choice. Also I will try to make this as easy to understand without getting down with a ton of physiology, histology or chemestry!

Ways of absorption:

- Skin

- Inhaled

- Eaten

All of the toxics get absorbed in the three ways but in depends in the constitution of the this barriers for the toxic or product to get into our system. So here I will explain you about this ways of absorbing substances.


Our skin can repel some of water (we are not like sponges), but our skin loves to absorb lipids like mousturizers, makeup removers or essential oils. Toxics that are in a lipid form, like in skin products can easily get into the bloodstream after the go through our epithelial, then to organs.


Our air is not so clean and we all know that! burning toxic stuff, using aerosol products like room deodorants, canned paint, etc. can get into our bodies through alveoli of the lungs and the capillaries that envelop them, just like we breath, we change O2 for Co2... then to our bloodstream because of the fine line between this two.


This is were you will be surprised, this is the less harmfull way to get toxics, thanks to Mr. Liver! This beautiful and underrated organ does a pretty nice job getting ride of toxics, before they get into our bloodstream, so we can remove this toxics via sweat, pee, tears and others. Most of the toxics we eat do get out of our bodies, but the ones that free their way out of the liver go through another fermentation thanks to the gut bacteria, in some cases the gut bacteria will give another chance to the toxics to get into the bloodstream (I know, it sucks), but this is not in all cases, this happens specially with nitrites (the additives we found in sausages, hams, bacon, and other meat).


So before any additive get out to the world, researchers have to test them in animals. When the animal gets an effect, the dosis gets reduced by a hundred, even a thousand to be used in humans. So how do we worry to much about getting ride of toxics? Well, some persons can be more sensitive while other people have a high level of resistance. An easy example is alcohol, we all have been to a party where one person can get intoxicated (drunk) just by drinking one beer or one glass of wine and another one can easily drink more than that and still feel pretty normal.

Also, it's important to mention that nowadays EVERYTHING has a funky chemical added! Shampoo, soaps, deodorants, detergents, preservatives, coloring, pesticides, and a lot more. And guess what, as most of the chemicals get out of our bodies, the rest gets acumulated. The reason of making this post is not to scare you, but to make you realize that your body can deal with toxics (actually everything in excesive amount is toxic, even some whole natural foods, and food combinations) the problem lays in the excess we are getting without wanting it! So if you can reduce the amount your body is getting.. we will gladly appreciate it.

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