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Fall Guide: My Must Haves and Favorites

Hello there friends, I know that I usually post recipes here but this a space were I share my thoughts and other topics, I made a poll the other day on my Instagram stories asking if you wanted me to share some of my Fall Favorites and most of you voted yes! So here it goes!

I don't know what's the deal about fall, I don't know what kind of magic spreads all over us, the hype is real people! Something heart warming about it even living in a city were fall last about 3 seconds (haha!). Suddenly everything becomes so comforting, love the smell of the spices, the warm colors, the fun activities such as going to a corn maze, picking a pumpkin, baking, making casseroles, and getting to wear fuzzy socks.

My fall favorites are not all about pumpkin, but SPICES!

- Cinnamon

- Maple flavor

- Caramel

- Pecans

- Sweet Potatoes

When I was in elementary school my school used to organized a trip to a corn maze close to my city and I remember always having a wonderful time; we used to pick a pumpkin, go to the corn maze, have lunch and just have a great time! So this year I'm planning with some of my favorite persons in the world AKA my friends of the childhood which I've known for more than 11 years a trip to the corn maze just to remember old times.

Another of my favorite activities during the fall, it's to bake! If you still haven't checked my fall themed recipes go ahead and go nuts! They are all delicious and eat to make. I like doing casseroles and slow cooker recipes so I'm planning on doing some this season too!

Now! These are some of my favorites, I will briefly describe each one of them and how I use it!

This is all year long thing but again, it brings comfort to my soul! And it; w perfect for cozy baked goods! Check out my Heavenly Sunflowerbutter Paleo Bars, my Soft Sweet Potato Soft Blondies or my Sweet Potato Cookie dough!

It's a great substitute for cassava flour or wheat flour! The only ingredient is sweet potato so it's perfect for all me primal and celiac friends! Plus I have a discount code of 20% off! Use: PUREHL on your checkout.

These bars are my favorite and this flavor is perfect for the season, the ingredients are so clean compared to other protein bars! Nothing weird on them, just quality ingredients and paleo friendly. I love them as a snack or even dessert because they are incredibly delicious. Use: PURELYBHU for an special discount.

I just love this cookies because there's no junk in them, they are low carb so they don't mess with my glucose levels, the taste is delicious and I love how dense they are! They are also gluten free and packed with essential fatty acids. These cookies are perfect if you struggle with hormonal imbalances because of the glycemic effect, they keep it steady! Perfect with a cozy latte YUM!

I've been in love with these tastable made from organic ingredients where the main ingredient is quinoa. The best thing about them is that they taste legit like maple and they only fave 1 gram of sugar! I love them with a drizzle of pili nut butter or any other nut butter.

This is a GAME CHANGER! This is for real the best nut butter I've ever tried, I've tasted a lot of nut butters in my life. The pumpkin spice is just perfect for this season, recently I made a sweet potato bread using the sweet potato flour I just mentioned and this nut butter, it was INCREDIBLE! Use: PURELYHL for an special discount.

Who doesn't love chocolate? I can count with one hand the amount of people I know that doesn't like chocolate. So my favorite company Eating Evolved every year comes up with this pumpkin spiced cups that currently they are only available online! A I have a good news for you! Use: mariatmt to get a free gift on your purchase! They are genuinely the best chocolate company ever, they guys being it are the coolest and sweetest.

Fudge is delicious any time of the year but this is my go to when I need to fuel my body with healthy fats and delicious flavor, this one is a great combination of tahini, coffee, cacao, MCT and other goodies. Sounds weird but it's so so good! I eat it by itself, on my non dairy yogurt or I mix in a cup of hot almond milk. Use "PUREHL" for a special discount!

I recently got this at my local grocery store and Used it to create some of of these Marshmallow Pumpkin Bars, they were so crumbly and delicious! And of course who doesn't like pancakes or waffles? These go perfectly with some pumpkin seeds and nut butter!

*I couldn't find them online but you can get them at your local healthy supermarket!

So these were some of my favorites for the season, I really hope you get to try them! I didn't mentioned them for no reason, they are DELIEIOUS! Have a wonderful and cozy fall my dear friends! Peace out!

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