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Foodie Holiday Gift Guide

You might want to share this post with your family, you know, just in case they don't know what to give you. Here they'll find great ideas in every price range for you or them to give away because let's be honest, prices and quality does matter.

And what's better than giving you foodie friend a gift that they'll cherish and that also fits their taste. These are some of my ideas that will be the perfect gift for your loved ones who also love food as well, like me and you.

This has been a staple and a holy grail for me! I use it approximately 6 days a week, my only regret it was not getting one sooner. You can find ai fryers on Amazon in a wide spread of prices, this is the one I use and absolutely adore! From air fried veggies, chicken, meat balls and even baked goods, this bad boy can't go wrong!

I know, the name sounds intimidating. But this? Is the most useful kitchen supply ever, you can do it all! I use to from doing thick smoothies, fat bombs to cauliflower rice veggies. Although this is in a little high end price you'll get PLENTY of use. It's simply amazing, my smoothies won't ever be the same without this.

I have a french press that simply makes my coffees more special, it was actually a gift and I loved it! It always reminds me of that person who gifted it to me. This is not only for coffee but you can also make tea, nut milks, lattes, tisanas and more infusions! Plus the milk frother for all the latte and fatty coffee lovers out there! Honestly the milk frother is a game changer for creamy drinks!

Spread your love to our planet with an insulated sustainable bottles, I use mine EVERY SINGLE DAY! They resist hard falls, they keep my drinks hot for hours and hours, and they are super cute! They have a lot of style to choose from plus you can pick from bottles to cruiser tumblers in 12oz or 32oz sizes.

This is such a unique gift! For your whole 30'ers, paleo, keto and primal friends. This is GREAT quality bacon; no nitrates or artificial ingredients, gluten free, whole 30 and paleo friendly! Compared to other bacons this one is handcrafted and has an incredible taste, as they mention on their website, "An incomparable taste that you won't find in mass produced bacon"... WIN!

I really believe that a subscription box NEVER fails! It's just a surprise with more surprises, for example Paleo By Malieo delivers snacks every month and yes, you guessed it, every month is different! If you are thinking about gifting something to someone who wants to start eating healthier this is such a great option! Use PURELYHL for discount!

This is a perfect gift for geeks like me, people who want to stay healthy or just to start a healthier lifestyle. This is such a cool gift, simple. You get your own personalized vitamins, you answer a couple of questions, they send you and easy and pain-less blood nutrient test, and send back your personalized nutrients within a period of three months they'll re-test and update your nutrient levels... how cool is that?! MARIA50 for discount

Cereal is such a comfort food, don't you agree? I think we all grew up eating cereal for breakfast, snack or dinner. At that time we weren't aware of the impact of the ingredients on it; sugar, corn syrup, artificial colors (linked to ADHD), artificial flavoring, etc. Magic Spoon is just the perfect alternative, it has no artificial anything and one of my favorite parts about it is that it's also low carb! Use PURELYHL for discount!

A Good Cookbook

Again, for all the people who love cooking or just wants to start eating healthier this is such a great option! There are a lot of options that can prove that eating healthy can also be delicious and not boring at all as most of the people will think!

A Personalized Oven Mitten

Personalized gifts will always have an extra value, plus a personalized oven mitten can be also hilarious, just look at mine with the face of me and my dog Franky, such a gem!

These were some of my favorite ideas that may be helpful for you when it comes to thinking about what to gift your loved ones during the holiday season or their birthdays! This is an all-year-round gift guide!

We all want to remain young and beautiful! And collagen contains amino-acids (proteins) that help to build up collagen, an essential structural protein for skin, gut health and skin. This is my favorite collagen from Ancient Nutrition because it contains collagen from different sources (fish, eggs, poultry etc. and each one helps different purposes), the perfect addition to your lattes, smoothies or baked goods!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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