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  • Maria Fernanda López

Blue Light Blockers: Why I Use Them

My eyes are one of the senses I'm the most proud about myself, I haven't got any issues to read at long distances, little texts, etc. This is the main reason I wanted to give a try some blue light blockers, to give my eyes some rest in my life filled with screens.

Also, sleep is one of my most important pillars of health so I always make sure to get enough sleep (rested sleep), sleep in a dark room and a adequate temperature.

One of my tips for better sleep include:

- Taking a relaxing bath

- Putting pajamas

- Full Spectrum CBD oil (Bloom Farms is my favorite)

- Shutters

This last one is my most recent one and to be honest I was pretty excited to try them! I read and heard on podcasts a lot amazing comments on these.

I think that to understand why I decided to add these blue light blockers into my lifestyle it's important to understand what are circadian rhythms. Basically its the own natural clock of your own body; it's known by science that out bodies are programmed to work at specific rhythms.

For example; in the mornings our cortisol levels rises, melatonin declines, muscles are primed for exercise and during later in the day our gut lining repairs, melatonin begins to rise and growth hormone rises.

According to Satchin Panda, PhD, bright screens and bright lights can disrupt circadian rhythms, decrease the production of melatonin (sleep hormone); in his book The Circadian Code he mentions that melanopsin cells of the retina have a direct connection with the suprachiasmatic nucleus (located in the hypothalamus and commander of hunger satiety, sleep, brain fluid, stress etc.) are the most sensitive to blue light.

When this light-sensitive protein, melanopsin, gets exposed to blue light it sends a signal to our brain telling it that light is present and it's probably daytime.

Blue Light Sources:

- TV

- Tablets

- Phones

- Computers

- The wrong light bulbs

How can they mess up with out health:

At night, we need melatonin to rise, help us sleep and recover by supporting our cells to do their repair duty at night and promote the break free of growth hormones as well. But guess what, here's were blue light messes up with out natural system.

Some of the issues that come with bad quality sleep includes:

- Insomnia

- Obstructive Sleep Apnea

- Heart Burn

- Indigestion

- Leaky Gut

- Stroke

- Migraine

And personally for me, as a fitness affectionate and health enthusiast, sleep is one of my top priorities to help my body recover for the next day. I have been using these Pixel Eyewear computer glasses that block 50% of strong blue light, and what I like about them is that they are very casual... and they make me feel smart.

I wasn't expecting to feel different while using them but I can even feel a relief of tension from my eyes so that's already a win that I wasn't counting on!

Tell me, have you got any experience using blue light blockers? Send me an email with your thoughts!

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