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  • Maria Fernanda López

Chocolate Mint Protein Cups (Vegan, Low Carb)

This is one of my favorite combinations, chocolate mint. And this recipe will fit right in the holiday pocket, but honestly I'm all about chocolate mint all year long. Holidays are just the perfect excuse to start sharing all the seasonal flavors and chocolate mint is clearly included.

These cups were bigger than expected and I'm not even mad about that. They are so dense, rich in flavor, creamy, fudgy and THICK! Your are just going to love them.

The recipe consist mainly in two layers; the bottom layer consists on a cashew vanilla creme using only two ingredients, and a top layer with the stars of the recipe, the chocolate mint and coconut.

To give the chocolate mint flavor I used Nuzest Plant Based Protein - Chocolate Flavor. One of my top plant based protein since it has a great list of ingredients, pretty clean, nothing weird! Plus it's low carb.

A friendly recipe:

  • - Vegan

  • - Low Carb

  • - Gluten Free

  • - No Artificial Ingredients

  • - Diabetic Friendly

Monk fruit was used to sweeten this recipe, a natural sugar alternative that doesn't spike insulin. This is the one I recommend and use (PURELYHL for discount).

And even though it may be cold outside, this is a No-Bake recipe. But they are just irresistible, creamy and silky... just put one some fuzzy socks and you are set!

You'll only be needing a few kitchen supplies:

  • - Mixing bowl

  • - Spoon

  • - Silicone muffin cups

  • - Food processor or blender

You'll need about 15 minutes of your day to prepare this recipe, without considering that you need to soak the cashews overnight. Besides those chicky cashews, this recipe is quick and easy peasy.


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Chocolate Mint Protein Cups (Vegan, Low Carb)

By Maria Fernanda Lopez

Serves 12


- 1 + 1/2 cup of raw cashews

- 1/2 cup of coconut flour

- 1 tsp of cinnamon

- 1 tsp of vanilla extract

- 1 + 1/2 cup of water or nut milk

- 4 scoops of Nuzest Plant Based Protein - Chocolate (PURELYHL for discount)

- 1/4 cup of monk fruit

- 1/4 cup shredded coconut unsweetened

- 1 cup of water or nut milk

- 1/4 cup (28g) of low carb chocolate chips


1. Let the cashews soaking in water overnight.

2. The next day, rinse the cashews. Add them into your blender of food processor along with cinnamon and vanilla extract.

3. In a bowl add blended cashews, monk fruit and coconut flour. Mix well.

4. Pour the mix into twelve silicone muffin cups.

5. In a clean mixing bowl add the protein powder, monk fruit and 1 cup of water. Mix well and pour the mix on top of the cashew layers.

6. Top with shredded coconut and chocolate chips.


Nutritional Information (per serving 154 kcal)

Fat: 9.3g

Carbs: 9.1g

Fiber: 3.7g

Protein: 8.3g

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