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  • Maria Fernanda López

Best Cinco de Mayo Low Carb Recipes

Hello everyone, Cinco de Mayo is around the corner and as I needed an excuse to share more Mexican recipes I simply decided to come up with a few recipes I've posted throughout my journey as a food blogger.

First things first. Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Mexico? Hint, it's not Mexico independence day (that's September 16th). Instead, Cinco de Mayo or 5 de Mayo is a celebration from a French invasion. It was the first time that a Mexican army, specifically from Puebla won a battle against one of the best army's AKA the french.

So why do the United States celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Well, the thing is that the french invasion was also a plan to stop Abraham Lincoln from his work of succeeding his development of the country he was running, the USA of course!

So there's a little piece of information you may or may didn't know about all the hype of Cinco de Mayo. It's a great part of Mexican history but the celebration is not as big as Independence day, which is in Spetember.

Now, ready to get some recipes? Let's start with the basics!


This recipe is vegan, low carb and whole 30 friendly! Some of the ingredients included are cauliflower, nutritional yeast and chipotle.

If you are into simple, mess free recipes this is your guy! Only one pan, filled with shredded cabbage in a delicious spicy enchilada soup and crispy chicken. This recipe is also paleo and Whole 30!

These are just a great and simple twist to the typical and beloved enchilada recipe! Stuffed with air fried shrimp and some melty cheese. These hit the spot for all my seafood lovers out there!

These are perfect for anyone following a plant-based vegan lifestyle, plus they are low carb since we are using lupini beans that are low in net carbs!

These are the low carb buns I used on this recipe, only 9.99$ the box of six, each bun has 3g net carbs and they are made with simple gluten free ingredients! Use code: purely_healthy_living for discount!

This is a staple for me and my family, this is so tasty and makes for a lot of people. We usually make this for meal prep and it's also freezer friendly. My dad loves it in tacos or as a salad like in the picture!



These are a fall staple but you know that I'm always down for pumpkin goods all year long. This recipe is low in carbs and packed with protein! The perfect Mexican dessert.

These are probably my favorite Mexican recipe ever shared in Purely Healthy Living. Probably have done these more than 5 times and still counting. Each empanada, BIG empanada only has 4.3 net carbs!

Churros are a classic, a fiesta isn't a fiesta without a churro dessert! These cookies and simple divine and the perfect match for a café de la olla or hot chocolate!

Another Mexican classic! These were a hit the one time I made them for my mom's friends. These are also low carb with only 2.8g of net carbs per muffin. These are such an aromatic muffin that you'll love with that gheelicious flavor!

SO these were just some of my favorite Mexican recipes, paleo, Whole 30 and low carb! Trying to keep things simple and delicious as always, count on it! Feliz 5 de Mayo a todos, with love... Maria!


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