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Magic Spoon Cereal: Thoughts and Review

Growing up my parents and myself didn't had any notion of how important is to give our bodies good ingredients. I remember that my kitchen was also stocked with industrial pastries, sugary cereals and cookies of all types. My freezer was also stocked with ice cream sandwiches, my personal favorite at the moment and of course, there were no any food rules around.

This is was basically because my parents didn't know that much, or at the time this whole food revolution was still inexistent. And that's fine, sooner or later I realized on the importance of nutrition, our minds and physiology.

Now, with my nutrition background (I'm a nutritionist) and personal experience I now give my body better foods without sacrificing the memories and the flavor. As I grew up eating cereal EVERY SINGLE DAY you can bet that it's a major comfort food.

I'm so freaking happy that nowadays we find better alternatives of our favorite foods in better presentations. When it comes to cereal Magic Spoon is my favorite, my history with Magic Spoon goes now a year ago and I won't stop raving about this cereal for many reasons.

- Low Carb

- Gluten Free

- A source of High Quality Protein

- Keto Friendly

- Soy Free

- Grain Free

Naturally Flavored

Another thing about them that brings me a major throwback to my childhood are the little games behind the box. Just like the old times, we are just missing the old cartoons; or maybe adulthood version of cartoons (Any Rick and Morty fans?!).

Nutrition Tip!

As a nutritionist and science geek I encourage everyone to reduce the amount of inflammatory sugars and ingredients in their diet and sticking to the basics. For example, reducing artificial flavors and colors since they have been linked to ADHD.

Sugars are also a major cause of inflammation in our bodies. Any pain, of physiological damage has been linked to inflammation... sugar has been directionally with inflammation but the good news is that nowadays we don't need to sacrifice the sweetness because we have natural alternatives.

Alullose is a very unusual type of sugar that has been found in different fruits such as raisins or figs and Monk Fruit is a fruit typically found in Southeast Asia. Both of these sugar alternatives are from all natural sources and barely have an effect on our glycemic index or glucose levels, the calories are also so little since our bodies doesn't metabolize it entirely.

This is what makes Magic Spoon different from the rest of the cereals. Simple, better ingredients for your body. And don't worry about the taste, totally approved! Tested with my picky eating family and they all approved.

They have all types of yummy comforting flavors that go from Frosted, Fruity, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Cacao and now BIRTHDAY CAKE! Use the code purelyhealthyliving for discount!

This is a recommendation that as a nutritionist I would encourage parents, busy students, or anyone who's looking for healthier and better alternatives.

If you miss cereal like I did, this is a GREAT alternative. And a much better option. Nutritionist approved!


You can also check out some of my recipes using this cereal here:


If you've got any questions don't hesitate on sending me an email! Or if you have any thoughts I would love to read your experience.... Love hearing and receiving emails from all of you guys...

Wishing you a Magical Day!

With love,


This post contains affiliate links but I genuinely love this cereal with all my heart. Trust me.

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