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  • Maria Fernanda López

Nutritionist Reviews: Heka Good Foods Keto Bars

Hello everyone! Maria here, your food blogger and nutritionist reporting for duty once again with a fully honest review. The last review I did was a great success, go check it out here, in here we talk all about this Magical Low Carb Cereal! But this time we are diving deep to the popular keto bar of the moment, Heka Good Foods.

As a nutritionist part job is to always look for healthier alternatives for my clients and to share with my community (like yourself right now! or on my Instagram) and as a low carb and keto geek I know that there are a lot of tricky products out there! So one of my favorite things to do is to find the much-better-for you-option.

Marketing can be very confusing sometimes. We see influencers promoting all "keto" labeled products trusting that they will serve the purpose of keeping our bodies in ketosis and will have a great taste without even questioning the content and quality of ingredients.

Check for the Keto Certified Label!

When it comes to buying keto products I highly suggest you to check if the product has the Keto certified label. When it does have it, YAY! It's a products that I would be most likely to recommend since part of this certifications guarantees that the products you are getting will:

  • Keep you in ketosis

  • They will meet specific macro ratio targets (70% Fat, 20% Protein, 10% Carbs and 100% Real Food!)

  • The food doesn't contain artificial colors, flavors or synthetic ketones.

  • It's made from REAL FOOD

Another SUPER cool part about this certification is that all products are FREE from:

  • Trans fats

  • Soy beans

  • Margarines

  • Alcohol ketone bodies

  • Artificial sweeteners or flavors.

So you can see why I highly trust a product with the Keto Certification, in their website they actually have a list of some keto products! And one of those keto certified products are... drumrolls! Yes, you guessed it, Heka Good Food Bars.

They are one of the bars with this certification, which means that Heka Good Foods Keto Bars are made from real ingredients, they don't have artificial flavors or sweeteners and they won't kick you out of ketosis.

The ratios are design for you to stay in ketosis, they are not a high protein bar. If you take a look of the general macros it would look like this for most of their bars:

  • Fat: 17g

  • Carbs: 22g

  • Fiber: 6g

  • Allulose: 2g

  • Protein: 10g

The carb breakdown will look like this:

22 grams carbs - 6 grams of fiber - 4g of erythritol - 11g of allulose = 1 net carb

What about those sweeteners?

Both, allulose and erythritol are made from natural sources, it happens to be a rare form of sugar free from a glycemic impact. This means, no insulin spikes and it's super low on calories.

These don't make you feel bloated.

Since allulose doesn't ferment in our gut you won't be struggling with that issue, it's a very popular struggle among many of us! So annoying.

NO Chicory Root or IMO's (Iso-Malto-oligosaccaride)

Chicory root is moslty inulin, a natural fiber but in some people will cause gas, bloating or abdominal pain. and IMO's are a type of sweetener that will be label as "keto friendly" when will actually will be kicking you out of ketosis.

Use code: purelyhealthyliving for discount on any of your orders.


Heka Good Foods: No Chicory Root or IMO's. Extra Points! Okay, but now let's talk about the flavors, taste and texture.

They do have now EIGHT Flavor to choose from:

And two types of cookies (also keto):

Use code: purelyhealthyliving for discount on any of your orders.

So the options are pretty good, for any preference. Personally, I can't pick just ONE favorite, all of them taste AMAZING, but sometimes I'm in the good for a Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk (taste like a freaking sneakers bar without the junky ingredients) and sometimes I'm feeling fruity with the Blueberry Muffin.

Taste is GREAT. I personally like it but if you don't believe me I also gave some of these to my family and friends with hard tastebuds and they all loved them. In their words, "They don't have that weird after taste, or protein-ish flavor." This is mostly because of the type of sweeteners they used (mentioned above) and they aren't packed with all the protein. Just enough.

Texture. Soft and chewy, it won't make your teeth fall off, like other bars (without mentioning names, but we all have experienced that struggle).

Chucks of Chocolate and Nuts. They are INSANE, NO JOKE.

Nutritional Ingredients and Information. As you can tell from my full dissection from above, you know that this is a TRUSTWORTHY company and bars. They have real ingredients, no artificial ingredients or sweeteners. Good ratio of macro nutrients and they are Certified Keto.


Final Thoughts

In a world filled with confusing marketing and "keto" products, always look for a good certification, in this case Keto Certified to make sure you are getting good-for-your-body products that won't kick you out of ketosis plus they have great taste.

As a nutritionist, would I recommend Heka Good Foods?

Absolutely, as you can read from all the blogpost this is a bar that I trust and that it actually taste amazing. It makes keto easier to stick with, plus they have great ingredients. You are making worth every penny because you are getting QUALITY and GOOD Taste. My favorite flavor? All of them are delicious, they got for literally every mood.

Use code: purelyhealthyliving for discount on any of your orders.


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