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  • María Fernanda López

Banana Cheesecake French Toast Casserole (Low Carb & Gluten Free)

French toast is one of my favorite breakfast recipes ever, and inspired by this favorite I created this simple and most delicious Banana Cheesecake French Toast Casserole, gluten free and with only 6.4 net carbs per serving. Made with healthier ingredients that your taste buds will love!

Calling all banana bread, french toast and cheesecake lovers. I decided to take the risk and create this recipe inspired by all my favorites; not to mention the extra granulated monk fruit and cinnamon on top to add that churro effect.

But adding naming this recipe Banana Churro Cheesecake French Toast Casserole was just ridiculous.We are only allowing the taste to be ridiculously delicious, who's in?

If you are not a breakfast person, no problem! This is great as a snack, or dessert. It's pretty epic to be honest that saving this only for breakfast would be a crime for the taste of this casserole. Plus it's made with healthier ingredients!

I used a paleo and low carb bread that has legit one of the best ingredients I've ever seen in a bought bread; I used California Country Gal that has amazing baking mixes (not sponsored, just love). This recipe called for their Organic Cinnamon Loaf.

Belows there's the list of ingredients used in this recipe. All gluten free, low carb and low sugar. We are using bananas, I know but we are using granulated monk fruit as well to avoid refined sugars (pro-inflammatory). You can use code: PUREYHL for Lakanto's granulated monk fruit discount.

The ingredients you'll need for this Banana Cheesecake French Toast Casserole:

As you can see, the ingredients are pretty much basics. You can also used your favorite bread, I really liked Country Gal because of the quality and taste!

Easiest Banana Cheesecake French Toast Casserole EVER!

Besides being a delicious, healthy and indulgent recipe this is super easy to make! Will be baking the bread cut into pieces to toast it. Blend the egg mix along with the rest of the ingredients and topping it all off with Keto Candied Pecans from Marigold. Another brand that I love that offers great products with LEGIT INGREDIENTS.

The full instructions will be below along with the nutritional information per serving. I have to mention that this cake is algo a good source of protein thanks to the greek yogurt, egg whites and some part from the almond flour.

Overall this recipe is:

  • Keto

  • Gluten and Grain Free

  • Meal Prep Friendly

  • Delicious!

The end result

Oh snap! This is gooey, soft, flavorful and it made my taste buds very very happy! Besides being super easy to make I think that this recipe is perfect to meal prep. The combination of bananas along with the keto candied pecans and cheesecake is just delightful.

You can also freeze this cake if you want to save it for later in the week, I tried freezing it and pro tip! You can air fry it or bake in roast mode with 3-5 minutes, depending on the strength of your air fryer and WOW! EPIC.

This is a great recipe that your family or friends will love! Easy to prepare and elegant no matter the occasion, this recipe is made to enjoy in the most effortless and most delicious way ever, I mean... only simple and minimal ingredients in a healthy gluten free and low carb cheesecake for the win!

Sharing is caring!

Remember that sharing is caring so please spread the love by saving, sharing or bookmarking this recipe for later. To cook with your loved ones on one of your amazing brunches or friend gatherings!

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Banana Cheesecake French Toast Casserole

By María Fernanda López

Serves 9



  1. Preheat the oven at 350.

  2. Cut the bread into tiny cubes.

  3. Bake for 12 minutes.

  4. Blend the egg whites, egg, almond milk, vanilla, monk fruit, cinnamon and half of bananas and half of the cream cheese until a smooth mix, just a few pulses.

  5. Place the now baked bread in a greased 8x8 baking dish.

  6. Pour the blender mix over the bread, make sure to cover it all.

  7. Top with leftover sliced bananas, chopped cream cheese and keto candied pecans.

  8. Bake for 30 minutes.

  9. Cut into 9 pieces once cooled.

  10. Enjoy!


Nutritional Information per serving (147 kcal)

Fat: 8.9g

Carbs: 12.1g

Fiber: 5.7g

Net Carbs: 6.4g

Protein: 5.6g


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