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  • María Fernanda López

Chocolate Orange Keto Cheesecake (Gluten Free)

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This recipe was planned to post on this iconic day, Pi Day! A sign and a number that we are pretty much familiar with and if you forgot about what it means, here it is: It is circumference of circles divided by its diameter.

We are celebrating with well, something not as mathematic but surely round. A Chocolate Orange Keto Cheesecake, that will be super easy to make. Starting off since I didn't complicate myself and used a Cali'flour food crust as my pie base.

Overall, this recipe is so practical and easy to make, from the crust to the filling that I just blend using three ingredients. This is a cheesecake recipe surely for the cheese lovers, the crust is also made from cheese, cauliflower and egg whites. That is it, Cali'flour Foods uses minimal ingredients and they taste so good!

The filling of this recipe is a simple and creamy blend of ricotta cheese, cacao powder, eggs and granulated monk fruit. Along with some dried oranges that I has excited to combine with some chocolate. It's just an amazing combination.

if you haven't tried the orange and chocolate combination then you gotta try this recipe! It's just an easy and simple recipe that you can try, I used dried oranges (no sugar added) that have also the peel, and wow. Besides being an addition of fiber even for just a bit the taste and the texture they add to the recipe is just wonderful.

I also used a few chunks of dried pineapple since it make in a dried fruit "tropical" blend but you can use the ones you prefer. I honestly think that citrus fruits work perfectly with chocolate.

Here are the ingredients that you'll need for these Chocolate Orange Keto Cheesecake:

You can now see that the list of ingredients are super simple and basic. The combination of these ingredients creates a party in your mouth that will make you boost that serotonin (thanks to the chocolate too!).

For the sweetness in here and to keep the recipe nice and low carb I used my favorite, granulated monk fruit, I get mine from Lakanto since I can get a discount code by using PURELYHL at checkout.

Overall this recipe is:

  • Keto

  • Blender recipe

  • Gluten and Grain Free

  • Meal Prep Friendly

  • Nut Free

  • Delicious!

Easiest Cheesecake Ever!

That's another amazing thing about this recipe, you only need your blender and done! Recipe ready in just a few moments. Each baking process; baking the crust and then baking it with the filling it sums to a total of 30 minutes... tops!

The end result

This was fudgy, creamy and flavorful! The taste is special because of the crust and the creamy chocolate filling paired with those dried oranges slices on top. Since I freeze it to make it easier to cut and respect the form of the oranges the texture was great, like a chocolate bar that melts into your mouth.

Freeze these and have them ready at any moment of the day or week! It's always a hack that I love sharing as a nutritionist, have your snack game on point! The freezer is your best friend and your place of treasures. That way you have nourishing healthy snack or dessert on hand.

This is a great recipe that your family or friends will love! Simple and elegant (and super easy) no matter the occasion, this recipe is made to enjoy in the most effortless and most delicious way ever, I mean... only simple and minimal ingredients in a healthy gluten free and low carb cheesecake for the win!

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Chocolate Orange Keto Cheesecake

By María Fernanda López

Serves 8



Cheesecake Filling

  • 1 cup of ricotta cheese

  • 1/4 tbsp cup of granulated monk fruit

  • 1 egg

  • 2 tbsp of cacao powder


  • 1/4 cup of dried oranges*

  • 1 slice of dried pineapple*

*no sugar added


  1. Preheat the your oven at 440F.

  2. Heat 20 seconds the frozen crust without the plastic.

  3. Place the crust in a baking pie dish.

  4. Grease the mold, place the crust and bake for 12-15 minutes.

  5. In the meantime blend the ingredients of the cheesecake filling.

  6. Once the crust is baked and cooled, pour the cheesecake mix.

  7. Top with dried orange slices.

  8. Bake again for 15 minutes.

  9. Let it cool, cut into 8 slices.

  10. Enjoy!


Nutritional Information per serving (108 kcal)

Fat: 6g

Carbs: 7.4g

Fiber: 1.8g

Net Carbs: g

Protein: 6.5g


This post contains affiliate links.

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