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  • Maria Fernanda López

Pitaya Coconut Fat Bombs

Fats are essential for our bodies, to protect our organs, our cells are made from fatty acids, to nourish our brain and essential to create some hormones. Saturated fat has gotten a lot of bad rap in the last couple of years but this guy plays a role on creating strong cell membranes, to help calcium be incorporated efficiently into the bones, liver protection against toxins such as alcohol and for antimicrobial effects in our guts.

One of my favorite sources of healthy fats is coconuts (fun fact: coconuts are fruits, and so does avocados!) and this recipe coconut is one of the main stars!

How can we resist a coconut and chocolate combo? But I have to admit that growing up I used to hate this combination, including those almond joy candies because they were "healthier"...This story now makes me laugh for two reasons: almond joy, healthy? and just because now I absolutely love coconuts and chocolate together!

This recipe is super easy to make:

- No baking needed

- You'll need just one bowl

- No mess

- You can keep them for weeks in the freezer

Also, this is a recipe that fits any lifestyle and it's made with wholesome ingredients, plus a good ratio of protein making these bites the perfect post workout snack, treat or smoothie topping (YUM!)

These little guys are:

- Low Carb

- Vegan

- Grain Free


Are you ready to to delight your tastebuds?

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Pitaya Coconut Fat Bombs

By Maria Fernanda López

Serves 12


Nutritional Information (per serving) 133 kcal

Fat: 9.5g

Carbs: 8.2g

Fiber: 5.1g

Protein: 4.9g


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