• María Fernanda López

Cookies N' Cream Protein Cups (Keto & Gluten Free)

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Hello everyone, Maria here with a very nostalgic and delicious protein and low carb recipe... any Cookies N' Cream lovers out there? This recipes screams your name, and mine! Stick around to learn more about how I made these epic and tasty protein cups!

I remember every time I went to the dentist my mom used to buy my cookies and cream chocolate bites, I'm sure we are all familiar with them. And personally I have always been a fan of anything cookies and cream! How about you?

Well, I was beyond excited when Magic Spoon came out with their new flavors, Cookies And Cream and Maple Waffles. Two major comfort foods and two of my most beloved breakfast combos, I know, I really had cookies with milk for breakfast.

It was hard to hold my taste buds when I finally got my hands on these cereals and guys, the taste is AMAZING! If you want to try this cereal (my favorite) use the discount code: purelyhealthyliving.

The cereal has so much potential, beyond enjoying it with nut milk or regular milk (the one you prefer), I really wanted to step up the game and create the recipe that made me so happy back in the day, healthier and delicious!

I decided to recreate the iconic cookies and cream chocolate but into pies, or cups. That's so me! You know how much I love cups and bite size snacks. The ingredients are all so simple and the procedure is easy as it can be.

For these Cookies N' Cream Protein Cups you'll simply need:

These are low carb and gluten free. And as you can see these are all simple ingredients and minimal. Starting from Magic Spoon Cereal, and the Nuzest Protein that adds volume, flavor and amino-acids that are building blocks.

For the sweetness you know that I love granulated monk fruit, the one I use if from Lakanto plus you can also get a discount when you use PURELYHL as well! Everything they do is amazing as well.

White chocolate, an essential part for the cookies and cream. And for this occasion I simply melted some white chocolate chips from ChocZero that are also keto friendly. And they are super versatile.

To make these Cookies N' Cream Protein Cups:

Simple, will be melting the chocolate chips, I place them in a cup and that cup was placed in a little pot filled with water. I think that's the simplest and safest way to melt chips without burning compared to melting them in the microwave.

Having the protein powder, coconut flour and granulated monk fruit in a bowl and after the white chocolate I incorporated the MCT oil, but you can also use coconut oil if you don't have any.

MCT can be substituted with coconut oil or butter. I used it because I had it on hand and it also adds some medium chain triglycerides and that also works as a source of energy. I used Natural Force Pure C8 MCT one.

Overall this recipe is:

  • Keto

  • Dairy Free

  • Gluten and Grain Free

  • Meal Prep Friendly

  • Nut Free