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  • Maria Fernanda López

Creamy Papaya Pies With Sunflower Seed Butter (Vegan, Keto)

These little bites are throwing me back to those lovely and sunny days at the beach. Oh snap, I honestly have been day dreaming about those beach days for a long time now and I really hope this year I will be getting my beach fix, anyone else is with me?

I think these little baby pies as a beach in a bite! I mean, how can coconut, macadamia and the lime combo fail? They were amazing, plus these are also gut-friendly!

As a nutritionist I know that our gut plays a major role when it comes to our health; we are what we eat, YES! But we are also what we absorb! We can be probably eating the best foods for our bodies but without the proper digestion and absorption we are also probably not getting the benefits from it.

There are a few pillars for gut health:

  • A healthy gut barrier, with help of amino acids such as glutamine

  • Probiotics that help on the increase of hormones (such as serotonin) and absorption or B vitamins.

  • Prebiotics, food that feeds out gut bacteria.

Gluten is also another one, it affects the permeability of our gut barrier, this permeability can cause that unwanted substances cross into our bloodstream and cause inflammation.

This is what you'll get from this recipe:

- Free from gluten

- Probiotics

- Glutamine

- Great taste

Plus it's important to mention that this recipe is also low carb and paleo friendly! All the summer love, in one bite, and for everyone!

Another key ingredient here is beef gelatin! It has essential amino acids for out gut barrier such as arginine, this have been shown to have a major benefit, among glutamine. That's why I love about this Nuzest - Clean lean Digestive Support, because you get glutamine, probiotics and digestive enzymes... instead of buying it all separately you get it all in one.






That's what you'll get from this protein powder and I can confirm it. One of the reasons I avoided smoothies it was because of the bloating, but I find that digestive enzymes and avoiding some sugar alternatives work.

In this case I used monk fruit as usual and my belly doesn't get bloated from it, which is very nice! Plus you avoid the inflammatory effects from sugar and syrups.

The recipe is simple, gut friendly and delicious! The base is made from OHi Bars, which are grain free, paleo and vegan. I picked the Coconut Macadamia, one of my favorites. These bars are a great snack to have on the freezer, it is loaded with healthy fats and the taste and quality is amazing.

If you are looking for a paleo "granola" bar alternative, check these out and use code PURELYHL for discount!

The filling, well, it's made from the Vanilla Probiotic from Nuzest Digestive Support Protein, coconut flour and granulated monk fruit. And an extra topping of more OHi crumbles, so good and such a great freezer friendly meal prep snack to have on stock!




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