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  • María Fernanda López

PB&J Cheesecake French Toast Bake (Low Carb)

Couple goals, peanut butter and jelly. There are just so many amazing combination when it comes to peanut butter but I think that a good fruit jelly will always be my favorite one; not only because of the taste but the nostalgic memories of my dad making me peanut butter and grape jelly sandwiches.

This french toast bake is inspired by all my favorite ones, all in one... in a nostalgic, delicious and healthy casserole that will be warming up your days. This recipe includes a fusion of peanut butter and real fruit jelly, some low carb breads and of course, some cream cheese for the cheesecake factor.

About these PB&J Cheesecake French Toast Bake:

Kind of a grown up version of french toast and peanut butter, although I firmly believe that there's no age limit for recipes, this is just an elegant but yet easy to make recipe. For breakfast, dessert or brinner (breakfast-dinner) this is a great recipe to enjoy!

Using all the simplest ingredients and always looking for better options! This recipe is healthy and delicious!

The mix of the french toast is made from egg whites, low calorie peanut butter and still made with simple ingredients from OWN and cream cheese... this is extra creamy, flavorful and just delicious!

Another factor of nutrient density is the shredded coconut that I added on top! Plus it adds such good flavor, I actually used some keto macaroons from High Key.

Peanut butter, raspberry jam, cream cheese, a delicious and nourishing combination! Enjoy this recipe as a snack, breakfast or dessert. You decide, even if you want to share, or not. It's a great pair to low carb jam of fresh fruit on top along with your favorite latte or cozy drink!

Overall, these are the ingredients needed for these PB&J Cheesecake French Toast Bake:

Key Ingredients:

I used egg whites and skipped the yolk to make these extra fluffy! You can even add some collagen powder to add some gut health too! For the bread I recommend using Carbonaut or California Country Gal.

This peanut butter has simple ingredients and for two tablespoons has only 100 calories. The ingredients from this OWN Wonder Spread are these: Peanuts, EPG (modified plant-based oil), Allulose, Erythritol, Sunflower Lecithin, Sea Salt, Stevia Extract, Monk Fruit Extract. You can check more about it here.

Toast or air fry the bread before pouring the mix. This helps with the final consistency and to avoid the bread from crumbling all about during the baking process. It adds a great addition of density too!


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The full instructions will be below along with the nutritional information per serving. This is just a super easy and flavorful recipe for you to enjoy and your body will love; source of fiber, nutrients and flavor!

Overall this recipe is:

  • Low Carb

  • Keto Friendly

  • Gluten Free

  • Meal Prep Friendly

  • Delicious!

The end result

You are going to love this It's a fun and nutrient dense alternative to the usual french toast casserole, plus it's simpler to make! The flavor is just a whole new level, so playful and as I mentioned earlier... gourmet.

Not boring or unhealthy! Every bite will surprise you whether with the creaminess of the cheesy filling with the peanut butter, the coconut and jam on top! You are going to surprise your guests, family and even yourself!

Pro tip! You can even cut it into eight slices and freeze them, and when you are ready to enjoy it you can air fry it (YES!), baked it or put in in the microwave for a few seconds and done!

This is a great recipe that your family or friends will love! Easy to prepare and elegant and fun no matter the occasion, this recipe is made to enjoy in the most effortless and most delicious way ever, I mean... only simple and minimal ingredients in a healthy gluten free and low carb recipe with all the summer flavors!

Sharing is caring!

Remember that sharing is caring so please spread the love by saving, sharing or bookmarking this recipe for later. To cook with your loved ones on one of your amazing brunches or friend gatherings!

With love,



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PB&J Cheesecake French Toast Bake

By María Fernanda López

Serves 9 servings



  1. Preheat the oven at 350F.

  2. Chop the bread into little cubes and air fry them for 5 minutes or toast them.

  3. Blend or mix the cream cheese, peanut butter, granulated monk fruit and almond milk.

  4. Place the bread evenly in a 8x8 baking dish.

  5. Pour the peanut butter mix over the bread and spread evenly.

  6. Add the chopped keto macaroons and bake for 30-35 minutes.

  7. Let them cool and top with jam.

  8. Enjoy!


Nutritional Information per serving (171 kcal)

Fat: 11.5g

Carbs: 15.6g

Fiber: 4.7g

Net Carbs: 10.9g

Protein: 6.3g


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